The HELP Engineering Services Designated Support Engineer (HDSE) is your central point of contact who provides scheduled technical support, professional training, reviews, priority case handling, and issue escalation for a specified software product and/or project. Your HDSE can be located onsite or can provide this service remotely from an HELP Engineering Service Support center and provides focused support to your company or staff. Consider this higher level of support for any software product that we service or any project that is critical to your ability to conduct business.

Your HDSE delivers:

  • Fast issue resolution —Benefit from a single, direct point of contact who is familiar with your environment.
  • Increased productivity —Get a high level of knowledge transfer to your company’s staff.
  • Customized support —Leverage informed strategic planning and recommendations based on your specific business and/or your project requirements.
  • Coordinated training efforts —Enable better coordination of all training efforts with monthly reports related to all activities involving technical issues.

At this section; we will be offering the list of services below:

BIM/CAD Consultancy 2 Implementation

“BIM offers many advantages for all project stakeholders. The use of BIM results in early visualization, fewer RFIs, automatic propagation of changes at all levels, project planning, etc.”

Companies go in for BIM Services for many reasons. But before BIM process adoption, they should prepare a list of expectations from BIM process and implement BIM step by step. Just starting to draft in a BIM package without knowing it properly is the biggest mistake and may bring the worst return on investment.

To implement BIM application in your company, you will need to following listed steps to be accomplished:
  1. Essential level training for the BIM application.
  2. Advanced training for the BIM application.
  3. Building up the company’s libraries for different disciplines and templates according to companies standard.
  4. Starting to pilot the project(s) as a first BIM project(s) in the company and reporting user’s feedback.
  5. Refining the company’s libraries and templates according to pilot project(s) feedback.
  6. Centralization of the company’s libraries and templates to be valid for all users.

HELP Engineering Services BIM services help clients in the following way and include processes like:

  • Create Accurate and Standardized Construction Documents
  • 3D Visualization, Renderings and Flythroughs
  • Faster Drafting Faster without Loss of Control and Quality
  • Automation of Repetitive Elements in drafting
  • Better Coordination in Building Services.
  • BIM for Spatial Conflict Detection well before Construction
  • Quantity Surveys and Bill of Material, Time Scheduling and Costing
  • Project Planning and Project Management
  • BIM for Contractors and Home Builders
  • Construction Simulation and Sequencing
  • Change Management (BIM Implementation)
  • Minimizing Material Wastages
  • BIM Models for Facility Management, Asset management (Life Cycle of a Building)
  • Fulfilling a Government or regulatory requirement
  • 4D construction simulation processes – Create and evaluate various options and choose the best alternative at design phase
  • Restoration and renovation of projects, Comparing Old and New (extended) construction
  • Green Building – Track LEED Credits, Energy Analysis
  • Vehicle Turning Analysis
  • Storm Water Analysis

Professional Training

At HELP Engineering Services we deliver and have delivered superior training and consulting in technical communication to engineers, managers, and executives. Our clients include national and international laboratories; research centers and institutes; engineering firms; public utilities; and manufacturers.

Engineering Professional Programs and Courses

HELP ENGINEERING SERVICES professional education offers classes, certifications, exam preparation, certificate programs and degrees for engineers. Many classes take place on-site, and some allow you to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs). Classes are taught by the renowned HELP ENGINEERING SERVICES distinguished professionals in the field.

You can find available engineering classes by subject below. These classes are part of HELP ENGINEERING SERVICES professional education and you can register for them individually by contacting us here.

  • bim-servicesRevit Architecture
  • Revit MEP
  • AutoCAD Civil
  • Sap 2000
  • saFe
  • Revit Structure
  • AutoCAD Architecture
  • AutoCAD MEP
  • Etabs
  • CSI Colums

Project Assistance

Off or On-Site Project Assistance and Training

Making any project BMI Application by HELP’s Team. HELP Engineering Services also offers on-site project related training. With registered Professional Engineers on staff, we can assist in the production and design of a project while training your staff in the use of Autodesk technology.

Your staff will gain first hand experience using the software to complete a real project, from beginning to end. Learn valuable problem solving skills while tackling the unexpected or unusual circumstances inevitably encountered in any design. In addition, the HELP Engineering Services engineer or designer can be billed directly to the job, absorbing the cost of the training. Participating staff can be utilized to instruct and assist remaining staff on future projects.

Project related training can be continuous, or scheduled on an as-needed basis. Please call for more information.

Hardware and Software Implementation

HELP Engineering Services offers a full range of implementation services designed to help your organization optimize systems performance and maximize your return on investment

Implementing a new technology solution can be a complex and high-risk task. Whether you are deploying a new technology as part of a broader initiative, or adding new capabilities to your existing solution, our experienced team of engineers can help ensure optimal integration with your current environment while mitigating risk and managing the impact to your operations environment.

HELP Engineering Services broad portfolio of implementation services ranges from early-stage development of a detailed implementation/project plan through to integration testing and first production instance support. We also offer complete project planning and governance services.

Implementation Service Portfolio:

  • Project planning and governance services
  • System configuration
  • Technical training
  • Integration consulting and testing
  • Solution architecture and technical oversight
  • Installation and acceptance testing
  • Product optimization
  • Requirements gathering
  • Data migration services
  • Process engineering services

HELP Engineering Services is an Authorized Reseller and IT Partner of XOOM PRODUCTIONS INC. an American Based Corporation and a Certified Enterprise IT Solution Provider. We offer all kind of IT Hardware, Software, and Services either to start your new business or even ubgrade your existing one.

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