Help Engineering Services is a full-service, award-winning architectural, design and technical support firm with over 50 projects completed. With a main branch office in Maadi – Cairo – Egypt. We share a common mission of providing responsive design, technological expertise and exceptional service in order to provide our clients with the best possible facilities that will serve them well into the future. Our portfolio includes commercial buildings, villas, government buildings, laboratories, corporate headquarters, education facilities, recreational clubs and conference facilities.

Our services range from master planning and programming to design and facility management support. The design staff at Help Engineering Services represents a broad range of experiences in design and projects managment. Our staff includes registered architects, interior designers, materials specialists, land planners, cost estimators and zoning specialists by the International, Local and/or Regional standard codes.

We are proud of our long-standing reputation for providing exceptional service to repeat clients. Our projects have been featured on over 100’s of tongues in various publications. We have been awarded more than once for our professional wide range of services and jobs. At Help Engineering Services, our goal is to create buildings that have a restorative, positive impact on the building’s inhabitants and to reduce the negative impact of construction on the environment.

We have practiced sustainability in architecture since the early 2000s and believe in using an analytical approach to optimizing building performance. Additionally, Help Engineering Services has become one of the best architecture, design, construction and support firms in Middle East, Africa and Asia to adopt the Construction Technology Challenge, an initiative that calls on the global building sector to immediately reduce energy usage by 50 percent in new buildings and major renovations in order to avoid hazardous climate change.

Our Philosophy?

Over the years, Help Engineering Services has earned a well deserved reputation for upholding its core values. These include: Responsive design approach, which includes as a matter of course:

  • Designing new structures that are meant to be long-lasting, yet flexible enough to adapt to future changes to their original intended function.
  • Preserving historic structures to continue to serve our communities and to meet today’s ever-changing functional demand.
  • Applying advanced research into the relationship of the built environment and human behavior to increase performance and productivity.
  • Emphasizing the integration of sustainable design strategies into the planning and design process.
  • Providing High-End technology to produce high quality by the lowest costs in the shortest time possible.
  • Providing One-Stop technical support solution and complete training courses.

Technological expertise in a wide range of areas, enabling the firm to handle everything from the delicate restoration and rehabilitation of centuries-old buildings to the design of complex, interdisciplinary science research laboratories.

Exceptional client service, which means listening carefully to understand each client’s needs and desires before creating. Help Engineering Services provides a very high level of interaction with its clients throughout the entire planning, programming, design and construction process.